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Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

Welcome to the Northern Mariana Islands, officially called the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, website which is hosted by Trails To The Past.  The Northern Mariana Islands is a unincorporated organized territory of the United States.  The Northern Mariana Islands are located in the western Pacific Ocean about three quarters of the way from Hawaii to the Phillipines.

My name is Charlie Vines and I am the temporary host for the Northern Mariana Islands. If you would be interested in adopting this project  or one of the other U.S. Territories, please contact me.  If you would be interested in joining our group in an area other than the U. S. Territories, you can contact me or  contact the District Coordinator for the area you would be interested in by visiting our District Map.

If you find any errors on this site or if you would like to contribute to this project, please contact me.

Although I do host this site, I do not live in this territory; therefore, my ability to assist with any research will be extremely limited.  I will be adding a volunteer page in the future.  This will provide everyone researching this county to help each other.

The Northern Mariana Islands consist of fifteen islands with a land mass of about 179 square miles.  Its population on the 2010 census was 53,883 people.

Although there are fifteen islands that are port of the commonwealth, only three currently has a population with the about eigthy percent living on Saipan.  The Islands of the Northern Marainna Islands include:

Farallon de Pajaros (Urracas) - an uninhabited volcanic island that is the northern most island in the Mariana Island chain.

Maug Islands (from the Chamoru name for the islands as a single unit, Ma'ok, meaning steadfast or everlasting) - consist of three islands formed from the hightest points of a single submerged volcano's caldera (volcanic feature usually formed by the collapse of land following a volcanic eruption). These islands are uninhabited.  The three island's names are Kita, Higashi, and Nishi.

Asuncion (Ascuncion) - The third northernmost independant islands in the Northern Mariana Islands chain.  The island is heavily vegetated with coconut palm plantations, broadleaf forest and other woody species.  The island is uninhabited.

Agrihan (Agrigan) - This island is a stratovolcano that rises over 4,000 km (13,120 ft) above the ocean floor.  The island was evacuated in 1990 due to potential volcanic activity which never occurred.  A settlement was re-established in one of the orginal villages.  In September 2005, the island had a population of nine persons.  The island was listed as uninhabited in 2010.

Pagan - The fourth largest of the Northern Mariana Islands.  It consist of two stratovolcanos joined together by a narrow strip of land.  The island was evacuated in 1981 due to volcanic eruptions.  The island is currently uninhabited.

Alamagan - A volcanic island located about 146km north of Saipan.  The last eruption for volcano was A.D. 870 (+/- 100 years).  The volcano has a large caldera as it base.  The island is currently uninhabited.

Guguan - A small island about 130 miles north of Saipan.  It has two volcano, one of which is active.  The island is currently uninhabited.

Zealandia Bank - The name given to two rock pennacles and the submarine volcano they rise from.  One of the pennacles reaches more than a meter about sea level at low tide.  Because of its small size, Zealandia Bank is not often depicted on Northern Mariana maps.

Sarigan - A small island that is the result of a Holocene Era stratovolcano with no known historic eruptions.  The island is uninhabited.

Anatahan - One of the most active volcanos in the Northen Mariana Islands.  Although the island was once populated, it has been evacuated because of the ever present danger of volcanic eruptions.

Farallon de Medinilla - The second smallest of the Northern Mariana islands (Zealandia Bank is the only one smaller).  It is an uninhabited coral island.  The island was discovered in 1819 and was named for Don Jose de Medinilla y Pifieda, the Spanish Governor of the Marianas from 1812 - 1822.

These eleven islands make up the North Mariana Municipality (one of four municipalities that make up the Northern Mariana Islands).

Aguijan (Agiguan) - A small bean shaped coralline island southwest of Tinian.  Aguijan and Tinian are seperated by the Tinian Channel.  It is nicknames the Goat Island because of the large number of feral goats present there.  The island is uninhabited.

Tinian - One of the three principle islands of the Northern Mariana Islands and is located about 5 miles southwest of Saipan.  Tinian and Saipan are seperated by the Saipan Channel.  The population fo Tinian is 3,136 people as of 2010.

These to islands make up the Tinian Municipality

Saipan - The largest island in the Northern Mariana Islands chain.  Of the 53,883 people living in the Northern Mariana Islands, 48,220 live on Saipan (as of 2010).  Saipan is about 120 miles north of Guam.

Rota - Also called "Peaceful Island".  Rota is the southernmost island of the Northern Mariana Islands and is about 40 miles north-northest of Guam.  The population is 2,527 people as of the 2010 U. S. Census.

The Northern Mariana Islands at widipedia

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